How would I make my order?

The request frame is currently accessible all day, every day on our landing page.

When you present your request, a PayPal receipt will be sent to you. Endless supply of your receipt your requests will be handled for shipment.

I am considering requesting some recipe. Which item do you prescribe?

Each child is distinctive, so what is ideal for one infant may not be the best choice for another. We utilized Holle 1 with my most seasoned child Jack for his whole first year of life and HiPP first baby drain with my more youthful child William for his whole first year of life. In the event that you might want a definite correlation of each of the three equations, you can discover data about HiPP versus Holle here and Holle Lebenswert here.

What number of boxes of equation would it be a good idea for me to arrange if my LO eats X ounces of recipe every day?

Beneath you will discover around what number of liquid ounces of recipe every item will make. If you don’t mind utilize this data to ascertain your requirements.

Holle 1 and Holle Goat Milk-93 liquid ounces

Holle 2, 3, and 4-140 liquid ounces

Holle Lebenswert-112 liquid ounces

HiPP-All stages-186 liquid ounces


Where would I be able to discover the directions on the most proficient method to set up the recipe?

More informations can be found on the individual item pages.

At the point when will the recipe lapse?

The vast majority of our cases expire about a year out from their ship date. It would be ideal if you realize that the termination dates are composed as takes after: dd/mm/yyyy.

How not long after I open the recipe does it should be disposed of?

Holle suggests disposing of the unused recipe following two weeks. HiPP prescribes disposing of unused recipe following three weeks.

Do I have to utilize a take after on recipe if my LO is doing admirably on a phase 1 item?

Not really. I attempted to move both of my children to a take after on/stage 2 recipe unsuccessfully. Arrange 2 equations do have more iron than a first newborn child drain, which is essential on the grounds that an infant’s characteristic iron stores start to exhaust at 6 months of age.

Is it truly important to heat up the water?

Understand that heating up the water has nothing to do with the nature of the water you are utilizing to make the equation. Powdered recipes are not sterile. Blending the powder with warm water sanitizes the powder by slaughtering any microorganisms that may exist in the equation. These microorganisms can in principle make an infant wiped out. Preemies and children with traded off safe frameworks are most at hazard. In the wake of heating up the water, enable the water to cool to around 122°F preceding blending in the powder. It is exhorted that the recipe is blended inside 30 minutes of heating up the water.

I utilize my contain hotter to warm a container of water. Following 2 minutes in the hotter, I add the powder to the warm water and blend. When I require a jug for the street, I warm up the container of water for around 4 minutes in the hotter. I then put the container of heated water in a koozie and toss it in my diaper sack. At whatever point I am prepared to nourish my little person, I blend the powder into the still warm water. It works shockingly well!

What types of installment do you acknowledge?

PayPal and Credit cards .

Do you ship to Canada?


How many days needs to be 

To keep up the uprightness of our stock, LWO is no longer tolerating recipe returns. This approach applies to all requests set on or after 3/1/16.


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