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My son is now 5 months old and is breastfeed and supplemented with Formula. We love Holle! It has been easy for him to digest and without any reactions. We tried Lebenswert however that did not settle well with him. So happy with the formula and with Organic Start that provide us our shipments promptly!!

– SPuri.
, North Carolina

My baby is almost 10 months and I am still nursing him, but I wanted to supplement his nutrition with some formula. I tried with formulas from the US, and we didn’t have any luck. So I decided to try the Holle since I read good reviews about it. It was a miracle! Now my baby drinks it without a problem!

– Gabriella E.
Whippleville, New York

breastfed/pumped strong for about 10 months, and my supply dropped along with my babies interest in breastfeeding. I pumped as long as I could until there was nothing there. I did a ton of research before my baby was born (to have a back-up plan) and remember Holle Brand being my favorite. My baby LOVED it! She has never spit it up like I hear some formula babies can do. I highly recommend this brand, especially after you see what is in EVERY US baby formula!

– Melony A.
Faifax, Washington DC

Best organic formula 2019

If you have decided to choose the best organic formula for your baby rather than traditional baby food that is processed, you will find a large selection in this store Bestorganicformula.com . More and more people are becoming more health conscious and prefer to know exactly what is in the foods they put in to their bodies. Organic foods do not contain genetically modified organisms, pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. That means your child will start healthy and stay healthy.

Introducing your baby to the taste of real food that contains pure ingredients early is essential to a lifetime of healthy eating habits. There are many companies that offer organic baby foods and each company offers products from birth to young children. The best are European Formulas , wich are listed in this website . Hipp Organic formula, Holle Organic formula and Lebenswert Bio formula are three brands from the EU that have wonderful ingredient lists for their formulas. HiPP is the best, in my opinion and Holle is a close second. 

Organic formula , it represent a valid alternative to breastfeeding cause it gave the necessary nutrients to your babies to grow in healthy way . There are many kind of baby organic formula that can fit to your baby , in case of allergies we can advice the HIPP HA hypoallergenic that warranty better quality in case of allergies of your babies for more detailed information regarding the process of organic formula please visit Organicformula.net .

For HiPP: You can see the ingredients here, and For Holle: you can see the ingredients here.

Here is a chart of the best organic formula for baby out there, outlining which have the ingredients above. The chart is ranked from best to worst formula. At the top of the chart I’ve included a hypothetical line for the “ideal” formula – so you have something to measure all of the other formulas against.

List of the best organic formula in the market